How to configure Shadow Defender to keep CIS updates in shadow mode?


I most time use my comp in the Shadow Mode of the Shadow Defender and when the computer returns from the Shadow Mode CIS inevitably returns to the state of its av database which was before the Shadow Mode - up to several days old. Can someone advise what folders to exclude in the Shadow Defender in order to keep CIS updated after leaving the Shadow Mode? I use CIS 6.

Thank you.

I’ve been having this problem as well. I’ve tried adding “C:\Program Files\COMODO*” and “C:\ProgramData\COMODO*” to Shadow Defender’s exclusion list, which keeps the files intact on the drive but continues to prompt me for definitions update on each boot. More than that, Comodo takes >30 seconds to enter any menu with updates done in this manner, whether it be the main control panel or advanced settings.

I have to do one of two things from there in order to restore Comodo to expected operation:

  1. Select a different firewall configuration (being as my other ones have woefully outdated rulesets, I don’t want to do this)

  2. Reboot into Normal Mode and perform update from there.

Do I have to do this every time I want to update?

I couldn’t figure out a way to transfer updates from the shadow mode to normal mode. Even excluding of all folders belonging to CIS didn’t help. So I just switch off updating after entering the shadow mode. It’s also useful as it makes the SD cash slimmer.