How to configure internet connection on a Lan

Hi all, First of all sorry for my english :slight_smile:

I’ve comodo installed on this Pc that i use as a gateway on a lan for another Pc
On this pc all works well, but the other pc can’t connect to the internet.
I’ve created a trusted zone, but nothing append IE, outlook, mozilla, messenger doesn’t connect, the only program that can do it is Skype.
With only windows firewall all works well.

Someone knows what can i do? (someone undarstand what i’m saying? :'()


Hi and welcome at the forums.

There is an international sub forum for users that don’t speak/understand english very well. You can also post there.,27.0.html

As for your problem please give a little more information about your lan configuration. The problem could be CPF (comodo personal firewall) or the connection settings of the windows.

I’ve also posted in the italian section but there are less people so i post also there hopeful :slight_smile:
I’m sure that the problem is some comodo configuration i must set, because with windows firewall and without any firewall all works well
The only problem i have is that the other pc can’t see the shared internet connection that is on this pc.
If that is not enaught what do you want to know?
could you make me an example, please

I think this past post of mine will get you squared away… [url],639.0.html[/url]

In addition to the final rules discovered in that post, ensure to note that “Secure the host while booting” in the advanced settings should be disabled for all PC’s in your LAN.

I’ve already fixed that problem and i’ve the same settings but the other pc still can’t view the shared internet connection on this pc

Ah if i set “allow all” in the main screen all works well, internet, lan, everything! But no firewall…
So i must set someting in CPF that i don’t know

one thing you might want to try is setting the Log function to “On” on you Block rule, then you will get entries in your log when that rule is hit. Then based on the message, it might give us a better indication of where to point you.

Oh thanks for your help, i’ve deactivated “Monitor DNS queries” in the Advanced settings and now all works well!!!
One quastion, is a problem if i deactivated that options?

Glad to see you’ve found a solution to your issue.

Unfortunately someone more familiar with the workings of that function (most likely a Comodo rep) will need to answer your question.

Well its a small possibility of attack (very small possibility)…


Yes. Actually, we are unaware of any attack that leverage this technique. There are many other effective ways that a trojan can exploit easily. We can even disable this option by default in the future.