How to configure Friewall for Home Network

I have set up a home network (workgroup) comprised of a wired router (whose WAN port is connected to a cable modem), two XP Pro computers and an all-in-one office jet printer. It will not work with Comodo firewall turned on; only if I turn Comodo off and rely on the Windows firewall.

Please help me configure the firewall to allow communication through my network.

Hi Kirkaby.

First question, is your router also a DHCP server or are you planing on assigning IP addresses to your LAN computers in some other way?

If your router is a DHCP server you will need to find out which address range it is going to use. It might begin with:

Once you know, you will have to create a new Zone that defines the address range for you LAN. (Tasks - Add/Modify/Remove a new Zone) You will then need to define a New Trusted Network. (Tasks - Define a New Trusted Network)

When you have finished you will find two new rules in Network Monitor for your Home network.

Hope that helps.