How to configure free Avira for manual scanning only

The following CIS bug and missing features motivated me to use the free Avira for manual scanning:

Download free Avira here:

My goal is to prevent Avira from using resources under normal conditions - only using resources when I perform a manual scan every week. The paid versions take extra resources, and this thread explains why the extra features don’t improve security:

The following are ideas to minimize resources when real-time and scheduled scanning are not needed:

  1. Install Avira using the custom installation option, uncheck Guard (disables the Avira Antivir Guard service).
  2. Install Autoruns (, uncheck avgnt.exe on the Logon tab
  3. Use the installed desktop shortcut for avcenter.exe to configure, update or begin an on-demand scan.
  4. In Avira Antivir Control Center|Administration|Scheduler, uncheck the Daily Update schedule (manually update before running a scan).
  5. The Avira AntiVir Scheduler (sched.exe) service must be started before running avcenter.exe for updates to work.
  6. Start|Run|services.msc|right-click Avira AntiVir Scheduler|Properties|Startup type=Manual|Apply|OK
  7. Use Notepad to create avcenter_start_service.bat, in the same folder as avcenter.exe, containing:
    sc start AntiVirSchedulerService
    start avcenter.exe
  8. Create a desktop shortcut to avcenter_start_service.bat, using the icon for avcenter.exe.
  9. Put the shortcut on the administrator account desktop since the sc command does not work on a limited account.
  10. Restart Windows to stop the Avira AntiVir Scheduler service (“sc stop” would fail on this service).

To block the nag screen:
A. Follow instructions at
Note: PCs with a SRP for limited/standard users should follow the instructions for Windows Home.
B. Use Defense+ in CIS as follows:
Comodo Internet Security|Defense+ tab|Advanced|Computer Security Policy|
double-click “C:\Program Files\Avira\AntiVir Desktop\update.exe”|click “Access Rights”|
click Modify next to “Run an executable”|Blocked Applications tab|
Add and Browse for “C:\Program Files\Avira\AntiVir Desktop\avnotify.exe”|
Remove same from Allowed Applications if it exists|Repeatedly click Apply
More info:

How to avoid having personal configurations ignored (summary of info from forum members and my own experiments):
The “Local protection” menu on the left brings up the profiles. Right-click on one to start a scan of this type.
Profile files are standard text files and have an avp extension.
Standard fixed profiles are in C:\Program Files\Avira\AntiVir Desktop
In Windows XP, user profiles are in C:\Documents and Settings\All Users\Application Data\Avira\AntiVir Desktop\PROFILES
In Windows Vista, user profiles are in C:\ProgramData\Avira\Antivir Desktop\Profiles
Profiles for “Manual Selection” and “Rootkit search” are stored in the user profile directory because they contain profile user menu settings.
Note that the “Manual Selection” profile right-click menu has an extra “File filter” item, where “Scan all files” is not the default.
The “Scan system now” link on the status page uses the “Complete system scan” profile, with a filename of sysscan.avp.
“Complete system scan” and “Rootkit search” profiles override the user’s configuration settings with entries under [SCANNER] in their .avp file.
.avp files with SystemScan=1 under [CFG] will update the “Last complete system scan” date on the status page and provide a comforting green checkmark.
The “Local hard disks” and “Local drives” profiles do not override configuration settings and contain SystemScan=1, so they are recommended instead of “Complete system scan” for predictable behavior.
More info:

Happy scanning!

Your making things all to complicated. You do not need to do all that to block the nag screen. You can use D+ to do that.

My instructions for blocking the nag screen (using D+) are from you!

Some of the instructions are for avoiding running unnecessary processes. On my PC fully expanded to 288MB RAM, this is very necessary. Some of the instructions help provide predictable behavior with user configurations. It is unfortunate that Avira makes this so complicated, but I am will to go through the extra complication to get a great free manual scanner.

The first post still applies to the free Avira v10.0.

I updated a link and added a new method to block the nag screen.

If you just want it as a backup scanner or just want it for right clicking on it to scan something
When installing it, you’ll be given a choice between “typical” and “custom” installation. Click on “custom”
Remove checkmark for “Guard” That way it won’t run in the background

Also for maxing out the settings (For the free version)

  1. open Avira
  2. Click on “extra”
  3. click on “configuration”
  4. Put a check mark on “Expert Mode”
  5. look at the 2 pictures I’ve uploaded, my settings are maxed out
  6. Just compare the pictures
  7. done

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