How to Configure for SQL Server? [Resolved]

I just installed CPF today - great product! I have it running on Windows Server 2003 with Microsoft SQL Server Standard Edition 2005.

MSSQL communicates on TCP port 1433 by default, but no matter what I do, I cannot connect to it from another computer in the same workgroup. If I set the CPF to “Allow All” then it works great. If I turn CPF to Custom it will not work, even though I have made sure sqlservr.exe is in my list of applications and that it allows In/Out traffic. I have tweaked every setting I can find to no avail, and I have added zones and allowed In/Out traffic on port 1433 and on all ports and and and…

Can someone give me a bit of guidance? ???

I use SQL server and have had no problems like those you describe. The only thing I can think of to suggest is to tick the ‘skip advanced security checks’ box for sqlservr.exe.

I wish I had further suggestions - perhaps one of our excellent moderators will see your post and offer some of their usual sound advice.


Got it sorted finally, but for some reason I had to add a network rule above default rule #5, allowing TCP traffic In/Out for Any → 1433. I thought that having SQL Server set up to allow traffic for itself on that port would take care of it, but I guess not. Works great now, thanks for the response!

Glad you sorted it,