How to Configure Firewall in 6.x to function like 5.x?

How do I configure the firewall in Comodo Firewall 6 or act like it did in Comodo Firewall 5?

The way I had it set up in 5 was to block all traffic and get a pop-up a request when anything wanted access outside my system. I could then assign permissions (the pre-configured ones, usually outgoing only) to each program that wanted access.

I can’t seem to figure out how to do this on 6. There seems to be so many missing options from 5.

I’m still using 5 on my Windows 7 system. I’m trying to get 6 running right on my Windows 8 partition before removing the Windows 7 partition.

Thank for any help.

Have you tried setting the Firewall to Custom Ruleset? This should give you a pop-up for traffic that is not handled in either Global Rules or Application Rules. To get a pop-up for everything then remove all global rules and application rules and set firewall to Custom Ruleset, it’s not something I would do without taking a back-up of the configuration with the global rules and application rules intact.