How to configure Comodo Antivirus to Quarantine infected file on Desktop

Dear all,

I’m using Comodo Antivirus 5.12.
How to configure Comodo Antivirus to Quarantine/Remove infected file on Desktop immediately?
In my PC, Comodo Antivirus just block the file, and I have to click Clean button to quarantine the infected file.

Just happen with infected files on desktop.

Thank you very much.

Antivirus->Scanner Settings->check “Do not show antivirus alerts” and select “Quarantine Threats”.

Isnt it better
a) to know when there is a virus on your desktop?
b) to be safe from automatic erasing of “safe” files which might be detected as false positives

You can restore a file from quarantine.

I did it before, it works well, but not work with infected files on Desktop. Other folders work well.