how to configure comodo 3 for bittornado?

i search around the forum and can only find the tutorial for utorrent. Bittornado is fine during v2 period.After my update to comodo 3, my bittornado seems to be underfirewall and suffer poor download speed. i follow the guide for utorrent but doesnt seems to work.

i go to firewall>advance>prefined firewall policies

add settings.

protocol>TCP or UDP
singleport>6881 ( i use only 6881 on my bittornado.)

i also uncheck block fragmented Ip datagrams

did i do something wrong?

Hello breadloon

If you are still having problems getting v-3 to work with bittornado send us your computer info as well as what other security apps are running and someone here will be able to help you.


2.3ghz intel core 2 duo
2gb Ram
Antivirus-> AVG 7.5 Free version
Spyware blaster

Im using a wrt54g router, (already did a port forward for it.)

Well you have lots of problems I see! Your using the blacklisted port 6881 most ISP’s blacklist and block that port stop using it. Your router is neutered I bet if its a version 5+ linksys which can’t even hold up too p2p do to that they removed all Ram and flash memory from those and the firmware you need to fix it can only be a micro version since that router is total ■■■■. AVG sucks you might want to try Avast its free Download Free Antivirus Software | Avast 2023 PC Protection and better than AVG.

You need to configure the application to allow all outgoing TCP or UDP connections then allow incoming ones on the new port you choose and don’t use 6881 again use something like 49898 anything else is better. After you give the application those two rules make one under global rules that allows all incoming on the port you select and move it above the block all rule.

If there is one thing slowing you down its that router take it to your backyard and smash it and buy a new one that has more hardware than a child’s toy from walmart.

Read this little tutorial:;msg45504#msg45504 .

Make sure the incoming port rule is over the basic rules mentined in the above.