How to configure CISP to work with a proxy configuration file ?

Hi guys,

At work we have to configure Internet Explorer and Firefox to use a HTTP proxy configuration file to access the web.
Both Internet browsers are configured to use this file : [b]http://prod.fake.intra/61/proxy.pac[/b] and if this is not set we can’t access the web at all.
In the COMODO’s parameters I click on “Use IE proxy settings” by this doesn’t work and I can’t do updates. Please help me fast because the technicians have Kaspersky Antivirus 6.0 for workstations and it’s so bad configured that a virus can use the TerminateProcess() function in C++ to close the antivirus and do what he wants or anybody can stop the it by stopping it’s windows services.

If you put that URL in your browser you can download the pac file,

Look for the section where it refers to the real proxy details like

proxy.fake.intra 3128 or 8080

Now manually put those details in CIS and it should work.