How to Configure CIS to scan Windows Live Messenger files?


What file path is used to scan files transferred via instant messaging?

Please see this FAQ. So in conclusion, any files that are sent to or from Windows Live Messenger are scanned when real-time scanning is enabled. :slight_smile:

So do I have to set antivirus to on access mode?

It must be set to “On access” or “Stateful”.

Problem with this is Win Live Msgr does not detect an antivirus installed & scanning outgoing files & asks for file path. It refuses to send any files unless these conditions are met. I could enable MS Win Live antivirus just for instant messaging but it is slow. I think I will do this at least for now unless anyone has a more elegant solution?

In windows live messenger it says “scan for files using…” just type in some randoms characters… etc; ghfkdjhgsdlkh

Do you want this?
Press ‘alt’ key, then you can see the menu.

If you don’t want use antivirus, type anything in the path.

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not at all.