How to configure CIS for nProtect


I have tried two online games called Shaiya and 9Dragons and both use nProtect gameguard. When nProtect starts the BSOD appear. If I turn off CIS and restarts the computer the games starts. How can I setup CIS to work with nProtect without turning it off???


Try making all .exe and .bat files in the nGuard folder trusted applications. Go to Defense + → Common Tasks → My Own Safe Files → Add → Browse files → browse the folder and subfolders add the mentioned files → Apply → Close.

Now see what happens next time nGuard gets started.

Thanx for the answer but there are no .exe or .bat files only .des and .erl files.

Are you sure you are looking in the right nProtect folder? See if you can find other folders for nProtect. There should be at least one .exe to start the program. Look at the properties of the shortcut to nProtect where the main executable can be found.

I’m so sorry for “Dig” this thread.

Gameguard used “.des” file for running.
After that it will install a “Special” keyboard driver (For first run) automatically by NOT notify a user.
Then it will inject it’s process to another application.

If you can’t faster reply to allow or blocked application, GameGuard will think itself blocked by “Malware” or “Something” and it will terminate that process. (Including security apps that’s confilct with it.)

For BSOD problem it might be a problem about Hardware or Driver with GameGuard.

At last my experience tell me “(Stupid)GameGuard is NOT a SAFE application”