How to configure CFW for utorrent?

I noticed that with latest cis installed my utorrent download speed is terribly slow, when I uninstall cis, everything is back to normal. Why this behavior? Only changes that I’ve done is to stealth my port and notify me about incoming connection, set firewall to custom and ask me for rules, and I setup network to be public(when comodo ask me about the network). Any idea? Thank you

This is the guide I followed, works for me - Comodo Forum

Thank you. So you have experience this little problem too, right?

I don’t know if it’s the same problem but if I do not have the rule then I get about 50kB/s down (byte not bit) but if I do have the rule then those torrents go up to ~4MB/s down (again byte not bit)

I would remove all global rules and only make rules for applications, if only the traffic would be bound to utorrent.exe instead of “Windows Operating System” I’ve found that nearly all my traffic in the logs mentioned as being “Windows Operating System” So if I have the application rule to allow incoming for utorrent.exe… then it doesn’t work because the application is seen as “Windows Operating System” So I am forced to make global rules for this. =(

yep same here

Well I’m curious, if I open this port for utorrent in global rules, my ports will remain stealth like before, or I’ll be expose? As for making global rules only for utorrent isn’t great. So I hope comodo rethink this behavior regarding P2P app.

If you do not have anything listening to the port you’ve set the rule to then it will look like stealth (assuming you have the right rules set up for this)
If you have utorrent running, or ANY other program that listens to that port, then it will look like it’s open.

By default the version 6.0 firewall silently blocks all incoming connections, which are required for P2P operations
Actually this is incorrect. In the default mode (safe mode) for the firewall, only connections by unrecognized things are even monitored. Trusted apps are allowed to do as they wish. uTorrent is a trusted file and I didn't have to do a single thing to have it work perfectly. The quote shouldn't say "by default", it should specify what mode is chosen.

What global rules are default? Global rules apply to all applications no matter what what mode you have the firewall set to (except disabled and perhaps training mode)

That is incorrect. As I said, I didn’t make any rules for uTorrent and for that matter, none were created by CIS since it’s in the Trusted Vendors list and I do not have creation of rules for safe things turned on. Therefore, I have no rules of any kind for uTorrent and it works perfectly. The global firewall rules are strange because they don’t always apply when CIS is at default or near default settings. For example, the global rule to allow all outgoing does NOT apply to untrusted files and they will give connection alerts. The global to block all incoming also does NOT apply to trusted things. My firewall is in Safe mode. The CIS firewall, in Safe mode, is even more silent than the Windows firewall.

For me, getting even one alert, of any kind, for a safe application is one too many and is unacceptable

well ok then, but if I chose to set up firewall to custom rules because I want to have control over the apps, and set my network to public why then utorrent download only with 40-50 kb/s?

Well without this global rule all ports will remain stealth no mater what, so having this port open while using utorrent I’m expose, so this is bad, for ex with windows firewall set to public, I’m still able to download with normal speed even if the port appear to be close, when making the speed test in the utorrent menu. So why expose my self then? Right now I’m on the cross roads :-\

Well the guide didn’t solve my problem :frowning: But… I clear the box from firewall settings “block fragment ip traffic”, and…problem solved :-TU

Maybe because you have the network set to public. The Firewall is much more restrictive that way.

Yes because I want the maximum protection :slight_smile:

What I’ve start to do is to move the global rule for µTorrent traffic under the rule which blocks all incoming when µTorrent isn’t running, then when I start µTorrent I move the rule back up over the no incoming rule.

The First screenshot is of when µTorrent is running.
The Second screenshot is of when µTorrent isn’t running.

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