How to Completely Uninstall Comodo Backup v2.1.117500.10

I must remove Comodo Backup. As much as I appreciate the efforts of Comodo, I couldn’t get around the Blue Screen of Death. The CBUFS.SYS driver was causing BSoD whenever any program was writing to the USB external drives.

I ran the uninstall utility. But I am curious about “markers” left over in the registry. (Perhaps, a registry key HKCU\Software\CBU).

Please make a point in the download section that states which versions are stable and which versions are “beta”. Yes, I read all through the threads about BUG REPORTS. I can’t get myself to use Comodo Backup if there are so many bug reports about the newest version.

(I was running CB on two computers. This one being HP laptop with Vista 32-bit SP2)

Hi AeroEd

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I have found that version 2.0 is very stable. It doesn’t have all the features that 2.1 has but that could be why it is more stable. You can download it here.

You may have to try Revo Uninstaller to remove all remnants. Or you can try using a reputable reg cleaner like RegSeeker or Comodo System Cleaner and only remove the entries that apply to CBU.