How to Completely Uninstall All Pieces of Comodo Software

I uninstalled everything I could find on my hard drive to remove every piece of Comodo software that I could find; however, something still has to be on my computer, because I continue to get warnings of blocked sites. Does anyone have any idea of how I can find what is still there and how I can remove, short of buying a new hard drive and starting over? I’ve submitted various support tickets, but no response. I know they are busy with new products, but I am desperate.

Hi mariway,
You most likely accidentally left Comodo Secure DNS selected during installation.
To disable Comodo Secure DNS select the appropriate link below and in the final step of the instructions select ‘Obtain DNS server address automatically’.
Windows XP - Manually Enabling or Disabling Comodo Secure DNS
Windows 7 / Vista - Manually Enabling or Disabling Comodo Secure DNS Service

Kind regards.