How to completely disable Windows System File Protection (SFC) in Windows XP (all versions and Service Packs)


Windows XP Service Pack 3 brought back the terrifying SFC (System File Protection), and for those who want to get rid of it, there’s an easy and more effective way than hacking sfc_os.dll.

Items needed:
Windows XP CD

Okay, we got one problem. sfc_os.dll and sfc.dll are hooked to winlogon.exe, and terminating it will result in a BSoD, so what to do?
The trick is simple. Set your PC to boot the CD-drive before your HDD, insert your XP CD and then restart. When prompted to press a key to boot with the CD, do so. When everything has loaded, press ‘R’ to launch the Recovery Console. Log into your Windows installation and enter the admin password if needed.
Now write this:
cd D:\WINDOWS\system32 (exchange D:\ for the drive that has the Windows-installation)
del sfc.dll
del sfc_os.dll

Reboot, and now it’ll be completely gone and disabled! You can now delete all those annoying folders like xerox!
If you want it back, simply copy the backups from system32\dllcache. There’s no point in deleting the backups, as