How to completely close Comodo Firewall and all related processes?

I am looking for a way to completely close the firewall and all associated processes while playing games mainly and also for other intensive tasks. Is there a way to do it?
[I dont mean to just turn off the firewall/defense plus]

You can close CFP from the tray icon but you cannot disable cmdagent.exe

You can disable cmdagent.exe easily. Open the start menu, find Run and write services.msc . Now find the CFP-service and go to properties (or double-click it). Set it to disabled and reboot the computer. When you need to start it again, set it back to automatic and click start from the services properties.

Alternatively, you can use the much easier way. Download Process Explorer or IceSword, and use it to terminate cmdagent.exe. When you want to start it, you can do as I wrote above.

Note that you will need to use an administrator account to terminate it.

Woops. :o I never tought about that. :-[

Assinging a Trusted application policy to Icesword can bypass CFP protection. Then is possible to restart cmdagent (Comodo Firewall Helper Service) from the service panel without rebooting :-TU

Comodo process appears to be a protected process. I think it cant be terminated.

Running Icesword as a trusted app worked fine here.

Although using taskmanager to terminate cfp.exe or cmdagent.exe won’t work.

Could it be possible for Comodo to provide an option to exit completely when choose say “File —> Exit Completely” ?

Hmm not sure… Probably could open a security hole