How to close the reminder of swiching back to previous mode permanently

I have a question about the predefined security policys. In my opinion, there is no difference between the policy of “windows system application” and “installer and updater” when the mode of D+ is not “Installation Mode”.

For example, a program named “diy.exe” is to execute and it will produced a child process. In this case, i’d like to pre-select “installer and updater” for “diy.exe” in the setting of “computer security policy”. However, if “Installation Mode” is closed, D+ would raise an alert every time the child process of “diy.exe” attempted to execute. So, the predefined policy “installer and updater” seems to be the same with “Windows system application”.

In order to solve this problem, I always open “Installation Mode”, but this will be followed by the reminder of switching back to my previous mode every a few minutes.

At last, i hope that the predefined policy of “installer and updater” can also allow child processes to execute when “Installation Mode” is closed. In addition, the reminder of switching back to previous mode can give us an option, then I will close the reminder because I find the “Installation Mode” not only has the same effect with my previous mode but also can make the predefined policy of “installer and updater” effective.