How To Clear Corrupt Previous Install [Resolved]

I have had to temporarily switch my primary hard drive due to a Windows XP corruption. The drive I am now using has a cloned XP Pro install.

I have not used the drive for several months and thought that it has Comodo Firewall installed however I could not see the normal Comodo shield in my taskbar so I checked Your Uninstaller 2006 and Add/Remove Programs and it showed it as installed but the installation folder only had two files cpf.chm & cpfver.sat.

I downloaded and tried to install the latest version but got the message that Comodo was already installed and did I wish to uninstall but when I clicked Yes it told me to run a file in a DOS window from the installation folder but as this was empty I couldn’t do that.

I then got Your Uninstalled 2006 to try and uninstall and it said it removed various registery keys etc and the program disappeared from Yoiur Uninstaller 2006 and Add/Remove Programs.

However if I now try to install it still says that Comodo is installed and nothing I try works.

Can someone tell me how to get rid of the false install so that I can install V3.0?



Try following the steps in this guide.


Thanks, found that thread after posting, and as I’m very nervous about using any utility that modifes the registry just in case I mess things up, I used the batch file as directed.

Have to confess I may not have closed all unnecessary processes as I wouldn’t know what was necessary or not. Have downloaded EndItAll2 and installed but not run for the same reason as editing the Registry. Would need to be guided through what’ safe to close.

Now when I try the install I get:

COMODO Firewall Pro Installer

You seem to be having COMODO Firewall Pro inmstalled using older version of installer. Please go to 'Start->Control Panel->Add or Remover Programs section and un-install COMODO Firewall Pro

I have checked Add or Remove Programs and no entry.

Hmm… Since you previously used an older version of CFP 3, the guide might not work 100% for you.
You could check these parts of the registry for remaining registry keys:

I’m not also sure if the path always have been %program files%\Comodo\Firewall, so you might check your program folder for one related to Comodo Firewall Pro and delete it.

Maybe you used a BETA version of CFP 3?
In that case, the registry keys will most likely be something like Comodo BETA, CFP BETA or Comodo Firewall Pro BETA.


I have checked the enrties you suggested and go the following result.

No entry as far as I could see for Comodo

Entry for Comodo. Sub level entry for Personal Firewall then sub-entry under that for AppCtrl-InstallCheck-NetCtrl

Entry for ComodoGroup

Iis this duplicate of above??

No entry for Comodo

Do I delete all the entries above? Both the Registry tools mentioned in the guide are commercial. I have found Abexo Free Registry Cleaner 1.1 freeware but don’t know how good/safe it is. Is it best to stick to RegEdit or is there a good FREEWARE viable option.

My C:\Program Files\Comodo folder is empty.

Delete the entry for Personal Firewall.

Only remove the CDI entry.

Yeah. Sorry for posting it twice.

Use RegEdit for removing these keys.


Thanks for the help, install completed.

I’m glad to hear that it worked!
I’ll go ahead and lock this thread now that your problem is solved. If you need it opened again, PM me or another online moderator with a link to this thread.
If you should encounter future problems, or need some help, please start a new thread in Help for v3.