How to Choose to quarantine threats found

Hey guys, I actually don’t know if this is the right discussion to ask information in, but I really have no clue where I could find someone to help me but here.
I just intalled Comodo in my PC (I’ve been using AVG, but I came to know Comodo works even better), and of course it runned a scan by default of my computer. It then showed I have a Malware infection and that I could chose either to ask a GeekBuddy or to solve the problem on my own. I chose to ask a GeekBuddy, but I came to know I couldn’t be helped because I’w using the free version. Now, we come to my problem. I have no idea where I should go to tell my Comodo to quarantine that stupid Malware. I mean, I see it in the Antivisrus report, but there’s no button to push or anything I can do to tell the program to put in in quarantine, not even the report it showed me at the end of the scan.
Can you help me please??? Or just tell me who I could ask help to? ??? ???

Thank you so much guys!!!

Hello, I hope you don’t mind, but I moved this to a more appropriate board and gave it a more suitable title.

In terms of your problem, at the end of a full scan it should provide you with the option to quarantine any threats found. If you have already exited out of the scan please try running another. Then, choose to clean it yourself, instead of using Geekbuddy.

Please let me know if you still have any questions after doing that.


I really don’t mind!!! You were very kind instead!
Thank you for your useful advices! Finally I succeded in moving that stupid malware to quarantine. But I have another question, is it possible to cancel the bug completely? I mean, should it stay in quarantine forever or can it cancelled out of the PC?

Thank a lot!!! ;D

As it is already in quarantine it can no longer harm your computer. However, if you wish you can also go to the quarantine and delete it.

However, as I mentioned, there is really no need to do that as because it is in quarantine it is no longer a risk.

Fine!!! I’ll leave it in quarantine then. Thank you so much!!! ;D :a0

You’re welcome.

Please let me know if you have any other questions.

Chiron, strange as it may sound today (the exception being SSD), space may be at a premium. Being able to delete quarantined files may be important to some.