How to check if connection is direct or relayed

I’ve found this in the online help:

So I checked the ports used by EzVpnService.exe and found the following situation:

prot local → remote host state
TCP 3179 → 443 ( EST
TCP 1058 → 0 (localhost) LIST
TCP 1058 → 1063 (localhost) EST
UDP 12000 → :

What do I have to check to see if the connection is direct? The one on 12000 doesn’t get connected to anything ??? even if I’m playing online games with a friend.



   You could check it from Unite 'Networks' tab, it lists all guys' connection type with you  who are in same network with you.

    If you want to know your friends' connection type with you when he is only in your 'Contacts' list , you may invite him to join one network and you will see his connection type in the netgroup.

    On flag may be added for contacts connection type late.