How to change windows title for Comodo Dragon?

I am asking this because I use a password manager which auto-fills entries
based on window title names. In that database I have many websites
credentials, including comodo forums.

Because of this, I always have conflicts when there are always two user names/
passwords that appear, instead of just auto-filling the correct credentials and logging me in.

That’s because comodo dragon page titles appear as ####### - Comdoo Dragon.
And as you can imagine, when I login to websites, two options appear:

  1. the comodo credentials (as each title is followed by "Comodo Dragon)
  2. the actual credentials for the website I want to log into.

So, since I use Comodo Dragon, for every single website, there pops the prompt
asking me to choose from the website name (facebook, yahoo, gmail etc) AND comodo
forums credentials - for the reason mentioned above

So, my question is - can I tweak the comodo dragon settings so as to
customize page title and remove “-comodo dragon” from window titles,
leaving just the website names?

Plase help me :smiley:


Can anyone help me?