how to change this setting?

when i installed commodo few weeks ago at the question;do you want an expert to clean viruses or you will do it yourself?
i selected an expert…
now i changed my mind and would like to do it myself in the futur,i did look in options settings and no-where
i can find this option

where is it or should i uninstall commodo and reinstallit?


Hi play,
That is to do with the Comodo GeekBuddy service which can be installed during CIS installation.
If it installed it will be a separate entry in Windows control panel, Programs and Features (Add/Remove programs).
GeekBuddy can be removed without effecting Comodo Internet Security in the free version.

ok,so there no way to clean items detected individually? its all automatic?

After a manual scan if the GeekBuddy window is presented again choose No, I will try to clean it myself.
GeekBuddy has to be activated and launched to do anything.

In the real time scan settings un-checking Do not show antivirus alerts will make you more aware of any threats found allowing for a manual remedy.

im confused i uninstalled geekbuddy 15min ago do i need it?

now about commodo may i select the viruses i want to delete or not
i have scheduled scan everyday at 3am and when virus are found they are automatically cleaned,can i change this? select myself wich one i want to clean…

I don’t know how this works with scheduled scan after you disabled “Automatically quarantine threats found during scanning”.

To find out how CIS will respond you could download the EICAR test virus to your hard drive (this is not a real virus but text file that AV scanners will see as one; it is there for testing purposes). Then see how CIS responds when it finds it during the scheduled scan.