How to change the settings made with this menu?

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The stealth Ports wizard is just a tool to set up your global rules. Each option applies specific global rules according to which one you pick.

After you select one, go to Firewall > Advanced > Network Security Policy > Global rules. Those rules were defined by the stealth ports wizard. picking a different option in the wizard will create slightly different rules because each stealth wizard option is for a different purpose (explained in the descriptions), e.g. one is for PCs connected to a LAN, one is for heavy P2P users, and the other is the most secure option for PCs that basically just need internet access, no file/printer sharing or anything.

Where I can see only the inbound conections from?

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On the CIS mainscreen, click the number before ‘inbound connections’ (or ‘outbound connections’) in the Network Defense section. This brings up the Active Connections window, which (true to it’s name) shows all the current active connections. This displays both inbound and outbound connections, but you can easily distinguish between the two.


TCP → inbound TCP connection
TCP OUT → outbound TCP connection

UDP → inbound UDP connection
UDP OUT → outbound UDP connection

etc etc

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