How to change HOME PAGE in COMODO Internet Browser. ?????

??? I am at a loss as to how to change my home page in Comodo Internet Browser, any help would be greatly appreciated. :slight_smile: :-[

Setting up your Homepage in Comodo Dragon :slight_smile:

All that does is change the startup page. The home page doesn’t change. It remains Comodo. How do I change the home page?

In the Menu, Settings, Appearance, mark show home button.
Click change, mark Open this page and add the URL for your desired page then OK.

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Thank you, Cap! I think I did that before, though. Does it tend to switch itself back to Comodo? But I guess I’m just mistaken.

I’m just trying out Comodo for the first time. So far I like it. Thanks for telling me how to fix that glitch…I hope.

Hi wwww,
It should not except for after an update, or if you fail to click OK.

Thanks for telling me how to fix that glitch...I hope.
You are welcome, I hope it works as expected. BTW: Welcome to Comodo.