How-To: CD + Roboform (Full)


i’ve just downloaded and installed CD. I like it :slight_smile: However, i’ve used Roboform Pro in my old (now uninstalled) Chrome Browser.

After some research i found out, that people want to use Roboform in CD, but the RF-Installer doesnt detect the browser. So they are forced to install Roboform Lite.

But if you want to continue using the “normal” Toolbar, here’s how you can do it:

  1. Open Comodo
  2. Go to Tools → Extensions
  3. At the top of that page, you can find a checkbox “Developer Mode” (Entwicklermodus in german) - Activate this checkbox. A developer toolbar will appear; click on Load unpacked extension.

Now comes the tricky part (not really…):

  1. Point to your Roboform installation directory. On Windows 7, Roboform will be installed in
  • x86 (32-bit): C:\Program Files\Siber Systems\AI RoboForm\
  • x64 (64-bit): C:\Program Files (x86)\Siber Systems\AI RoboForm\

This directory also contains a folder “Chrome”. Select it and click “OK”.

  1. You’re done! The roboform icon appears at the right corner in Comodo and the lower toolbar should appear. In some cases, the toolbar doesnt appear. In this case right click on the Roboform Icon and then “Options”. Make sure “Show lower Roboform toolbar” is enabled.

Enjoy your beloved RF-Toolbar in Comodo Dragon :slight_smile: