how to cancel free trial?

HI. This morning i found this site and was just curious about this site. It said free trial no payment till 30 days is up. But still got charged 1.00 and i didnt download anything, none of there services at all, is that free?
After looking around i have foud that this is not what i was looking for and wanted to cancel my free trial.
But after looking and looking on this site there is no way to cancel your free trial. So i call custmer service and they send me to accounting witch has no number and has to be done thru an email. I have emailed and i have not gotton any response. i want my free trial canceled. thats alll i want, i dont want to be charged on my credit card for this i didnt even download the software, can someone please tell me how to cancel this?

Hi David, welcome to the forums.

What was it a trial of?

Perhaps, the 1.00 charge is one of those test charges that is later reversed to make sure the payment method is valid? As I don’t think 1.00 is the actual cost… is it?

Hi, is is supposed to be a 30 day free trial for Comodo Internet Security Software.
And i want to cancal my membership but i am getting no response and like i said i was charged a dollar when it was supposed to be free trial for 30 days. all i want is my membership canceled, ive sent them the emails to do so and still have not gotton any response. How do i cancel the membership please?

Ok, firstly please check that the $1 charge is still there (re: the test payment I mentioned above).

Which email address did you send the cancellation requests to (how many?) and when were they sent?

Finally, I’m assuming that you do realise that CIS (Comodo Internet Security) is, and always has been, free? The pay-for bit is for extra things like 24/7/365 Live PC Support, wireless encryption, infection guarantee, etc.

Well, the web page for the CIS trial does say…

(Note: Your card will not be charged for 30 days)
..and in the Term & Conditions..
8.4. Refunds. After purchasing the Products, you may cancel your subscription at any time. Unless you have participated in a promotion under section 1.6, you may be entitled to a refund. If you cancel your subscription within the first 30 days after making payment and are eligible for a refund, Comodo shall refund to you the full amount paid by you. If you cancel after the first 30 days and your account is listed as an ESM or livePCsupport business account, Comodo shall provide you with a pro-rata refund for each month left on you subscription less any discounts given for pre-payment of fees. To request a refund, you must email refunds[atbp] within 30 days of the purchase date.

Well i got a hold of someone, took my email address and said was canceled. is there any way to be sure of that? i just dont want to get charged for this service.

Sorry, I’m not personally familiar with Comodo’s procedures in this regard. I can only suggest that you contact the same person you contacted earlier and ask them this question.

Greetings twistedcat,

When you enter credit card information in any online payment system it has to be verified, be it iTunes, PayPal, Amazon, etc… when you click “submit” after you put in your credit/debit card information in your account is billed a fee to verify the information is accurate. If you go to your bank statement online you will see that the charge is “Pending” and in a few days it will simply drop off your account and your $1.00 will be available in your funds again.

Merchants do this as a protection from people entering a random number string and claiming it’s a credit card, if I enter 1234-5678-9012-3456 as a credit card number how will they know if it’s accurate or not? They verify it by billing a small amount then dropping the charge so the charge on the bank statement never leaves its “Pending” state and simply drops off in a few business days.

Similar how if you go to some gas stations and pay with a debit card, your bill may come out to say $25.00 but if you check your bank statement immediately there is only a charge of $1.00 as a verification hold, and within a business day or two, you will be billed the other $24.00.

Hope this helps and clears things up so you know you have not been charged and your $1.00 will come back on to your account.