How to cancel a connection permission in CIS


I got a firewall warning telling me that “system” wanted to connect to the Internet. I selected “yes”, but I also selected “Remember my answer” by mistake. I do not want the firewall to remember my answer in that case as I prefer each time to allow or not allow the connection. I did not find how to do this. How should I proceed?

Also, even when I select the “Terminate connection” (for System) in the “Active connection” window, the connection is maintained. Is that normal?



Hi Nitreb,

You will probably find the rule it created on Firewall, Advanced, Network Security Policy
If you see the rule there select the application and remove it’s rule under it, if you apply this CIS will start “asking” you again for this application…

I’m not sure but i guess CIS is preventing to Terminate system connections, but it’s a nice one to test for me :wink: see what runs out of that… It should however Terminate normal connections from normal applications…

Found it. Thanks!