How to cancel a connection in the activity window?

please help:
I the old version from comodo I can cancel a connection in the activity view.
How is this possible in the actual version?? (:SAD)

Thanks, Wolfgang

there’s no connection cancel functionality in the v2.4, however, you can use the freeware like currports to kill the connections. Hopefully this helps.


Available here:


I had noticed this recently. Why on earth would the developers take out such a nice, easy to use feature? I used it several times in the past and will miss it. Are their plans to ressurect this feature, Melih? What was the rationale for deleting it?


I’m not sure the rationale for removing the “Close” buttons, but it has been much discussed ever since it occurred.

We have received confirmation (by both Melih & Egemen) that the close button will return. I believe they said version 3 will have it back.

It will also have the listening connections again (which disappeared between v 2.3 & 2.4).


Waiting next week impatiently. Those properties (close button and listening connections) were great!


Thanks for the reply, Little Mac. I feel much better now! I’m a patient person, so long as they bring that one back! What a great firewall! (:LOV) And what responsive developers! (:CLP) You folks really listen to the wants/needs of your customers! :SMLR (L)