how to bypass this firewall and use squid proxy?

Ok, let me confess that I don’t want to do anything vile but only want to use bittorrent to download.

Here is the network configuration in my company:

  1. squid proxy server
  2. a firewall- unPNP nat firewall.

I used to be able to configure bittorrent client to use squid proxy to download, but they changed something and I can’t do that anymore.

My guess is that they configure squid to refuse every other ip address except the one that runs NAT. And squid server and NAT are in the same machine.

Is this configuration possible?

How can I bypass this?

No one should be helping you with this task. If Bit torrent is relevant to your work and you are not downloading illegal stuff then you should consult your IT department and get them to let bit torrent through.

I am now locking this topic.