How to Break Windows 8 Metro Easily so it can't be repaired

I have Windows 8 x64 on three PC’s
2 Desktops
1 Laptop

If you hate metro like I do and use start button alternative i understand. I didn’t ask to know this one it just happened to me. :-TD >:(

  • Don’t do this unless you want to lose all of your Metro start screen tiles except store and desktop. and store doesn’t work anymore and can’t be repaired from what i have seen and heard. This an obvious bug in it’s design.
    I have two user accounts with administrator privileges on each account on each PC
    Login into one account and change the password on the other account while logged in.
    Now sign out and sign in to the other account with the password you set. it should say getting your PC ready etc…after it’s finished Metro is finished. It’s that easy. Now you have an un repairable metro.
    I thought originally that you must have pro/enterprise or pro with media center and have to right click on the my computer icon and manage the users and set the password that way to do this.but nope.Even windows 8 home. just simply going to user accounts in control panel does this. Be Careful! Windows update will still install fine. a sfc /SCANNOW will show no system file corruption and windows updates work fine.
    The Charms bar is still there just rather naked. It will be interesting to see what a Windows Blue update does to a broken Metro. Couple months and we will see.I would suspect that this would work on Microsoft Surface computers as well since it’s still Windows 8. I don’t think the phone is the same but who knows. It Maybe that i never logged into the other account but if i remember correctly i did login in to the other account originally to set the orignal password before I changed it. This is dangerous because so far even if you create a New User account with administrator rights and login. The welcome setup will give you no metro again. Just desktop and a brroken store tile on the start screen. All the experts say that the Store tile cannot be repaired and Refresh is the only way to fix it. A refresh makes you lose all you desktop mode software you have installed go away. Ill just stick with start8 and continue my windows updates. Works fine. See attached screenshot. I even went as far as unpinning the store from the metro start screen. So now my PC has just Desktop! I didn’t intentionally break metro form the beginning i just changed a password. I’m stuck with it now. Maybe start8 did this? I have it on all 3 PC’s. I doubt it but if this happens to you don’t be surprised.

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does it need to be both admin accounts??

i wonder if an IT have crashed win 8 metro becasue of that bug ;D
that will be akward if it is

I have only had this problem occur with with both admin accounts.
It just happened to me. I would think metro would break with the other account not being admin since it’s the initial welcome. But who knows. It’s too easy to ■■■■■ up metro!

Just make sure you have or know what a start button alternative is and how to install one if you try this.
No Metro Start Screen and Desktop Start Button can be tricky to navigate.