How to block website called secretbuilders

Hi -

I binged the search words “How to use COMODO to block websites” and I followed the directions to use the settings under global rules (the search engine took me to one of the forums here). I also moved this rule to the top of the list. After clicking Ok, I typed the website name into IE and the website still came up. What’s going on?

My computer information:

Windows Vista 32-bit Business edition
Dell Laptop Precision M90
Comodo Firewall v5.5
Ad-Aware: turned OFF
Windows firewall: turned OFF

Please help because this seems really easy to perform but its not working.

open the interface, click on firewall at the top, select network security policy, go to the blocked zones tab at the top. select add → add new address, from the drop down select IP address, enter that should block the website.