How To Block Offensive URL

An offensive URL is been passed around in my MSN client and it is causing issues.

Is there a way to block this URL from Comodo so it does not appear in my chat
line when friends send messages to me?


Any help here? Thanks

You most likley have some ■■■■ on your computer that is “hijacking” your msn…

The best soulution would be to locate and kill this badware… I suggest you ask your friends about what Link you are sending them… Google the link (note: use google, not adress-field), maby there will be some info about malware that is known for sending this link… You can try out exp’s guide as well.

You can add the URL to My Blocked Network Zones in the firewall.

You don’t need the full address with the http:// just add

I think that is the main problem of most MSN users. Someone sent a link when they are talking because of infected spyware or malware. Today I looked my Messenger files. On Received Files I see my uncle’s adress and there is an XML file and a LOG file. I opened XML file via Notepad and see that is a spyware post. It always like this:

Could you want to look at my photo?

I'm waiting you in here.

If you click the link you have got infected. After that you’re a spam machine. You’re started to send this messages to your contact list.

Anyway that is just a spyware or adware, you can use several programs. Look at the link which ‘commanding the celcius’ gave.

But I want to point something in here. We really need a global rule for Messengers. Could someone do this please?