[How-To] Block Malicious Websites or Ads with Comodo v7 Web Filter


i did this small tutorial based upon my experience on the webfilter of CIS/CFW; maybe there is another simpler way to do it but i found this one not so difficult to process and it works.


thanks i was not sure where to put the thread

how can i block a website like this, tried but not working

do i need to enter full website url ?


hope comodo will develop this :slight_smile:

You can simply enter just that .google.com or if you get redirected to other TLDs you can add .google. however please note that currently the webfilter does not work against HTTPS websites, a bug report for this has been submitted.

thank you for the reply & suggestion :slight_smile:

I’m trying to understand the functions on the web filter ( I know nothing about programming ) . Today to access the forum and see the thread created by the umbra comodo internet security was able to block the link , it set up the web filter to block any link containing * ads * .
Another observation I made was that the web filter is not able to block assets hidden elements even at http:// pages ( say that making a comparison with the Element Hiding Helper for AdblockPlus complement ) , as well as the web filter can block comodo links for characters , eg ( * ads * ) .
In four sites with a beginning with http:// and three started https:// . The filtroweb the comodo internet security 7 was able to block the link from the forum: https://forums.comodo.com/firewall-help-cis/howto-block-malicious-websites-or-ads-with-comodo-v7-web-filter-t102635.0.html
I decided to save the pages in html and making a comparative all had very different structure of the forum site https://www.forums.comodo.com

Note : the link to the forum that contains ads was blocked, as the link from google search despite the last three letters are ads was not locked .
The site of google and the forum comodo are the connections secure https://

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