How to block malicious websites, any Web Shield integrated in CIS

How do I block malicious websites using CIS? Any option to set the malicious web/http traffic monitoring?

Not that I know of, CIS doesn’t have a web shield. You can however use Comodo Secure DNS but I don’t know how well it works.
If you want to block websites you know are malicious you can get the IP-address of that website/server and add it to global rules for the firewall, or you can add it to the application rules for a certain application, like a web browser.

Its not a good idea beacuse first I have to trace the IP address by using some Network monitoring tools and then I create rule for that IP in the Firewall. Also are there chances that the IP Address is changed everytime when I try to browse that site?

Yes. Only in this way can be blocked.
But you’re right. IP change.
For example: microsoft - check update uses ip akamai.(77.67.x.x)
So that as long as there is no alternative. Only an IP.

Indeed, IP changing is a big problem here, the best product from Comodo for this purpose would be Comodo Secure DNS as said but then again no product can block all malicious sites, not that I know of anyway.

If you install Comodo Dragon browser, in browser settings check the following

This offers very good web protection/filtering.

Alternatively there is a great software k9 web filter free.

I know that no Antivirus offer 100% protection, but that a separate issue.

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You may also go to Firewall/Network Zones → Blocked Zones, adding (under “New Blocked Address”) the specific web address (under “Host name”) or IPs etc.

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I wasn’t talking about anti-virus.

Thanks friend, it is you, who convince me to use CIS :slight_smile: .

You are suggesting to do it manually, but I am interested in the on-the-spot blocking while browsing.

To me, COMODO DNS server works fine. I’ve seen it many times protecting me.
Of course, it’s not like green marks (you know), but it’s enough for me.