How to block internet, not LAN Network [Answered]

??? ??? Hi people, this is my 1st post… And I so happy with this magic software!
I’m totally newbie, so I want ask the way to block internet access, I mean WAN…
Without affecting my Local Access or LAN…
and well, I need network access without internet…
PLease help!

And thks a lot

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Hello Fred;

Are you wanting to just have network acess? and not Internet Access?

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Hello, thks for answer.
Yup, Indeed
I want block all internet traffic and have full access to my shareddrives at sametime…

Well; Simply Unplug the router from the internet :smiley:

But With CIS

How many Computers do you have in your network?

Haaa! Unplug internet cable, it could be a great option!
Amazing Man thks!
And well, just to know… how can I do it with comodo firewall?


Well; You can allow traffic just from local IP Address

For An Example;

Your IP is
and your other computers ends with a 5 and a 6;
Now, You can Go to (CIS/CFW > Firewall > Network Security Policy > Network Zones > Add > New Network Zone > Name it “LAN” > Ok > Select LAN > Add New Address (Enter The IP Address’s of the Computers on your network) After Wards > Ok/Apply > Ok/Apply > Stealth Ports Wizard > Define a New Trusted Network > Zone Name > LAN > OK > OK

Network Security Policy > Global Rules Remove All Global Rules Except Those That Mention “LAN” > Add > Block IN/OUT > OK > OK

This will make you only have connection to those computers on your network; and no where else,

haaa! How can I reply ur post without internet?
Is joke!!!
Awesome Jacob!
Best of the Best!

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