How to block individual incoming and outgoing-can't find it.

The previous version of the free Firewall had a great configuration window for blocking certain programs from “dialing out” or “incoming from an outside website”. I blocked so many nag screens that way I loved it. Comodo had the listing of the currently running processes (including the offender) and I just found the offending process which was listed (usually toward the bottom) in the configuration screen, and enabled “block” and it was done. I could easily do this for both incoming and outgoing.
I totally cannot find anything like that in the new version. I have gone several pages back and don’t exactly find this information. Where is the configuration screen that I can block individual ins and outs?

in KillSwitch

Thanks for the reply. In the online help for Killswitch, all I found was Start, Stop, or Delete running processes. There is nothing about blocking. I tried a search for “block” and “block process” and came up with nothing. It did have the PrivDog feature but that isn’t what I need. Anything further?
This was one of the major features of Comodo Firewall that set it apart from others, have they removed blocking from the 6.2 free version??

It is in Killswitch that you downloaded with CIS when starting using it. The manual is for a previous version that did not have this function.

I’m not trying to be a pain, but I just ran Killswitch as well as Autorun, and there is nothing there about blocking incoming or outgoing in Comodo Firewall. These are just process killers and run virtual, they are not part of the Comodo Firewall. For whatever reason, it appears that Comodo removed one of its most valuable assets.
If I am wrong, please post the path in Killswitch where it links in to Comodo Firewall for permanent blocking.

Honestly I have no idea what they mean by KillSwitch, the only thing I found in there is how to close a specific connection, not make rules.

From what I know, the only way to go about this is to either to set up the alerts in such a way or going into the application rules and making the changes there.

Thank you, Sanya4! Then I guess, for whatever reason, we can no longer easily block unwanted nag screens, etc. That’s too bad, I guess I will have to switch over to Online Armor free which still has that feature. Thanks to all who responded.