how to block everything using Comodo firewall

I tried using Windows 7 firewall to block everything including remote desktop, remote access, sharing, all ports (TCP and UDP, IPv4 and IPv6), programs/apps etc - but still hackers are able to sneak in anonymously/remotely by stealing my files/folders and taking complete control with full administrator rights. Windows updates have no effect either.

I have a sense that whenever windows updates, hackers are piggybacking viruses/trojan horses etc without any alerts/detections. They’re probably using Windows apps used against me.

How do I set up Comodo firewall to block everything and how do I verify that all ports (TCP & UDP & IPv4 & IPv6 & WiFi) are alll blocked?
I do not have anything plugged in incl routers & NICs
I do not want to share anything online/wirelessly.
I also do not want my desktop PC to broadcast anything - hackers are constantly monitoring day and night incl driveby

I just want to view/edit privately on my own desktop PC at home. Its like have your own private file cabinet with digital TV that I can watch and record and playback and play video games with no interferences.

Will Comodo firewall interfer with windows 7 firewall? If so, how do I configure?
Do I have to configure anything else in windows 7 to make sure no leaks ex Group policy editor?

When I attempted to block everything, somehow the Event Viewer is automatically disabled.
Also when I attempted to make myself admin with full control rights permission on all file/folders/subfolders incl windows OS somehow Windows calculator was acting funny - if I click on a digit, a double or triple digit appears & math operators would give me an erroneous result.
Not only that, but also I would get a popup error message stating that the Recycle Bin is corrupted even though I was never online nor downloaded anything incl from USB thumb drive.

I got the comodo pdf & downloaded the free comodo firewall install.

Or do I have to purchase a full license version to secure?

1)are you on a router?
2)I just disabled the windows firewall service completely.
As far as blocking everything. you can set the settings in cis so high if your not careful you can block yourself out from changing your screen saver even i have don it.

The ONLY sure way to block ALL network access is to disable ALL network hardware; you can do this in your system BIOS or by physically removing the hardware from your computer.

Start at the source of the problem first:

Your computer does not get just hacked.
There are only 2.5 ways how this happens:

  1. Its on your computer
    1.5) You execute it
  2. An existing (remote) vulnerability is used.

You should not use a security program to circumvent existing infections/problems.

It might appear to you as if you were targeted.
Because your problem re-appears.
But it did never leave.
Thats why.

For the future, you could use the stealth port wizard setting in comodo “hide me from everyone”. In general, you should avoid to allow ingoing requests. Use OUTgoing only rules for necessary things.
Make sure that your computer is clean… Things are up to date.