How to block every new executable with D+ ?

Hello my dear friends

I want to block every new executable that not installed on my PC (From Removable Drives and Web Browser Downloaded Files) Whether infected or clean! 8)

  • I install CIS 6 without Firewall and complete Rating Scan! :wink:

Set the autosandbox to block.

And turn off TVL, that is if you want to block clean files too since that is how I understood you wanted it.

If you set ‘treat all unrecognized files’ to block they’re DIW. That’s ‘paranoid’ mode IMHO; I’ve set mine to ‘un-trusted’

Thank you all, Mrarnold, SanyaIV and WxMan1 :slight_smile:
Everything is so good :-*
But only CIS seems very huge for startup! Kiosk runs faster than CIS-system tray ;D