How to block "Cryptographic Services"

I would like to block “Cryptographic Services” from accessing the internet. How could I do that?

So far the only way I see is to block svchost, but this would also block other services like Windows Update.

Thank you very much for any help in advance!

Cryptographic Services Is Also One Of The Services Along With BITS, Required By Windows Update. Will It Be Possible For You To Let Us Know Why Do You Want To Block That Service ?

I would like to block (only for internet access) that service for privacy reasons.

Is that possible with Comodo?

Thank you very much,

I have to admit I’m curious as to why you feel this service is a privacy invasion. :P0l

I don’t want it to check my certificates for any ssl connection :slight_smile:

I hope you don’t mind if I come back “on topic”. Is this possible with Comodo?

Make a rule with CryptSvc.exe(located in system32)
Is your purpose of blocking Cryptographic Services for good reason?
Because some people use it for the purpose of bad things. ;D

No that doesn’t work either. There is no cryptsvc.exe on my vista sp1 system. The connection is made through svchost.exe (svchost.exe -k NetworkService).

No, this is not for bad things, of course. I just want to control the outgoing connections on my pc, which is what I use comodo mainly for. I don’t use comodo to control incoming connections (my router is good enough for that …).