How to block Autorun/play and vbs for protection from infected Removable Drive

Hi all

A way to block the autorun/autoplay and vbs infected form Removable Drive through Sandbox comodo

note:There are many ways to prevent it, and this is one of them.

the steps:
1-go to Advanced setting>Security setting>Sandbox>Auto-Sandbox
2-add Rule:
Target:All Application
1-?:\autorun.inf , Location:Removable Drive, Origin:Any
2-*vbs , Location:Removable Drive , Origin:Any


File is rated as :If you choose Unknown will be blocked process is not known, but if you do not choose anything will be blocked without reference to the File Ratings.


Log this action is performed:Prefer to keep as is.
Quarantine program:Activating this option depends on the option"File is rated as"
Can not activate this option if you do not specify evaluation of the files, Maybe lead to delete of trusted files.

note: Better to work more than the rules, such as rule for vbs and rule for autorun.

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