How to block autocontainment alerts?

I want to make my system “foolproof” for click-happy users.
In HIPS, I see where to turn off alerts, and have it automatically block.
But what about autocontainment?
When the click-happy users see the alert, they can choose to unblock it next time, and I don’t want them to have that privilege.

If I remember correctly, that was a request within the last few days (but I can’t find it yet) and I think it is set to be introduced

And what happens if, in the alert, I choose not to show this again?
Does that hide only this particular alert, or all alerts?

I believe it was to have Password Protection on any change to the alert settings to prevent unauthorized installations etc.

The setting you are looking for is show notification messages, although the help doc discription is wrong and the example notification is for comodo message center. If you click do not show these alerts again, it does turn them off completely and you will see show notification messages being disabled in the settings.

Thanks, that’s important to know. That clears up some of my confusion.
That setting should be in the autocontainment tab!

No because it also shows AV related alerts when you have the av installed and have do not show alerts enabled, or if you have do not show popup alerts under file rating settings without the av installed, you will get malware blocked warning when a file is detected by the cloud rating.