How to block an outbound connection for a program?

Hi all. Can’t seem to solve this. I need to set up a block for an outbound connection.

In CIS 6.X;

  1. Open CIS interface
  2. Click the TASKS button (top right hand corner)
  5. Navigate to and select application you want to block.
  6. DONE!!

Hope this helps,
Ewen :slight_smile:

That will block the entire application won’t it? The user says they just wanted to block an outbound connection from the application.

You’re quite right - it would block both inbound and outbound connections.

To set up inbound only, you would need to set up a global rule in the firewall config that specifically blocked outbound only and allowed inbound to the application.

This would normally only be applicable to a server app or a P2P and the concept of a server/P2P app that is blocked outbound eludes me. :wink:

The OP hasn’t come back saying the original proposed solution isn’t what he was looking for, so I’m hoping he actually wanted to kill all connections from an app.

Ewen :slight_smile: