how to block an application to access internet?? [RESOLVED]

hi all,

i’m a new comodo user. i read in, comodo is the best free firewall.
how can i block one application, for instance vlc or real player to access internet?
i used zone alarm and i found it’s quite easy to block an application in program control.

please, can anyone help me?

There are 2 places to block things. Remember Comodo is more then a firewall. It is also a HIPS program. Open up Comodo and go the Firewall tab and click on Define A New Blocked Application.

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As well as what Vet mentioned you can go to Firewall → advanced → Network security policy → application rules and find the application you wish to block and edit the settings from allow to block.


thanks for the reply, guys.

another question, after i follow the advice from john, now i see the application rule for comodo firewall pro is set to “outgoing only”. that’s the default application rule for comodo firewall, isn’t it? should i change it for instance trusted application?

thanks in advance.

Leave the Comodo the way it is. Certain programs only need to be outgoing.

thanks, vettetech.

i’ll follow your advice.

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