How to block an advertising on website by Comodo

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I want to force Comodo (i use comodo firewall 3.14 with Defence+, WinXp) to block an advertising on www (like Ad muncher, Adblock etc).

How to do it?

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I think Adblock plus and Noscript do this job much better (in Firefox). For IE I think Simple Adblock is available, though not upto the mark as Adblock Plus.

AFAIK, CIS is not designed for this purpose and hence it would be tedious to do this manually.

The way to block address in CIS is

CIS-Firewall-Common Tasks-My Blocked Network Zones-Add-A New Blocked address.

However, this procedure is best suited as a parental control purposes, wherein you want to block your computer access to some particular sites, without affecting your ability to use the browser.

Since it is almost impossible to add such lists through this mode, I would suggest using adblock plus along with noscript.

For IE8, you can also use ‘private filtering’ (you can google and can get a list of such ‘ad sites’ which can be uploaded in your private filtering in IE8, within some simple steps).

Hope this helps

That is better done in your browser or by using a block list in your HOSTS file. CIS is not properly equipped for this task.