how to block/allow cookies

Since I am new to Comodo firewall I want to know how to allow and block cookies.

thanks in advance.

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You can’t allow/block cookies in the firewall, and I don’t think it’s needed…
You can do that with your web browser.
Go to your tools/settings in your browser and set it to allow, block or ask.

Block cookies using Internet explorer

Open Internet Options | Privacy, click on the Advanced button.
Place a check in “Override automatic cookie handling”.

Set “First Party Cookies” to Block, set “Third Party Cookies” to Block.

Note: you will need to manually Allow certain cookies, you should add: “*” (no quotes) to the “Always Allow” list to avoid any problems with Windows Update or the many other Microsoft sites, including the MSKB which requires Cookies to be accepted. I would recommend adding any sites that you frequent such as Banking, and any sites that require you to log in, etc.

You’ll find that after a while this only requires a very short list.