How to block all outgoing connections from installed software on win 7?

Hello, i want to use comodo internet security FREE VERSION.

I want to be able to block all outgoing connections from my computer to the internet.
I want to block all outgoing requests to the internet made by my computer and as well as software installed on my pc, except allow the requests i allow for.

So for example, internet explorer and every other program by default should not be allowed to connect to the internet. I can do this by clicking the “block all network activity button” but that WILL STOP all activity on the internet. So thats not what i really want.
I want some programs to access the internet but ONLY the ones i say “Allow for”. In comodo i can block incomming connections but this time i want to be able to block all outgoing ones so that only 7 processes and executable files are allowed to interact on the world wide web.

Thank You


I made a video showing how you can do it, you can find it here. There may be other ways, but that’s the one I could come up with.

Edit: Maybe instead of creating the application rule for * and making it block, perhaps it would work to enabled Do NOT show popup alerts and set it to Deny, but I haven’t tried that.