How to block all except trusted applications?

I love the way TinyWall works. Is there any possibility to set Comodo Firewall to work the same way? (Block everything except chosen apps with no notifications?

With the Firewall in Safe Mode enable “Do not show pop up alerts” and set the desired action to block.

you mean, custom settings.

I’ve set firewall to custom rules, block all with no popups.
I’ve also set the Windows Systems Applications to block all.

It’s the only way the Adobe Updater cannot connect to the server.
But guess what?..

Although Comodo Firewall HAS a rule to allow outgoing connections, it now cannot resolve the server address.

Any hints?..

But this is not the same. What about new apps not listed as apps that should be blocked? Is there really no way to block everything except chosen apps/connections?

Switch the FW security level to Custom Policy, make rules allowing svchost.exe outbound connections for DHCP, DNS, NPT and Windows update as indicated in this post.
Then make the rules to allow outbound connections for your chosen applications and finally make a rule to block everything else.

You’re right. I misunderstood your question. Sorry about that.

It’s OK, but I still don’t know how to set it that way.

Have you read my reply?

I think you have all the indications there to do what you are looking for.

I use custom ruleset to alert to every outbound.What happens if i use show no pop ups and block all requests.?
What exactly gets blocked here.?
Thanks. ;D