How to block all connections and whitelist applications?

I am looking for a way to prevent Windows 10 from phoning home and it seems that a third-party firewall is the best way. Comodo Firewall seems to be the most popular choice but I seem to be overwhelmed by all the settings options. 2 criterias:

  1. I want to block all connections except the applications I use, meaning any applications I use I trust and should be allowed to perform their normal functions (be granted all kinds of connections that they use) and everything else I do not trust (including the OS itself, which I unfortunately need to use for certain tasks as part of my job). Can I accomplish this in a “set-and-forget” style assuming I only use the applications I’ve already installed and won’t be trying out new applications? If so, how? I am willing to diligently follow instructions as needed–I just felt overwhelmed as I’m not exactly sure what I’m looking for when I checked out some guides.

  2. Comodo Firewall needs to be an adequate replacement to Windows Firewall (if it isn’t already with default settings), since it turns Windows Firewall off. I’m guessing it is so this isn’t really a criteria.

Much appreciated.


Create a custom rule to disallow “every application” at the bottom of the “Application Rules”. So upper rules allow applications to connect and the very last rule blocks every other connection.

hi, i had the same problem. I freshly installed Windows 10, and first thing i did was put Comodo on it. But it never asked for any outbound permissions.

BUT under GLOBAL Rules you can add permission and non-permission rules. Sadly creating a rule to ask for permission is no optional choice there. But what did the trick for me was, adding a global rule that denied everything. Then i tested if everything was denied, then i deleted the rule and now Comodo started asking me for permissions. It seems Comodo is still a little buggy in the firewall configuration. :slight_smile:

PS.: i cannot imagine the previous post to be working: In my Comodo installation (Windows 10) application rules are for applications. If you don’t have an application selected, it lets you add it, but it just won’t work. I tested it, creating a rule at the bottom of the “Application Rules” was possible, but fix the issue.