How to block all but one application, temporarily?

How do I block all applications but one for a short while, without messing up my regular custom ruleset? Is there a way to add additional custom rulesets?

Good question. I think the easiest way would be to do the following:

  1. Set the firewall to Custom Ruleset
  2. Go to Application Rules
  3. Choose the executable of the program you want to allow and choose the appropriate rules (Ex. Allow TCP and UDP In and Out)
  4. Go to Firewall Setting
  5. Click the box “Do NOT show popup alerts” and choose block requests

Then when you need full access again

  1. Set the firewall to safe mode and/or uncheck do not show popup alerts.

I wish there was a way to disable firewall rules without removing them.

Oh, I see you already have custom rules. This might be a problem. Comodo REALLY NEEDS to have away to enable/disable firewall rules without having to remove them. This to me is the biggest usability hurdle.

Ok, I think I have found a way. You can’t have more than one ruleset, however you can create multiple configuration that you can import for different scenarios.

To do this you must save your current configuration before creating a new configuration with the one allowed application.

To do this, open up CIS and go to General Settings>Configuration and right click on the active configuration (Internet security, Proactive Security, or Firewall security) and choose Export to save it on your computer. This configuration will contain all of your application rules.

Once the configuration is saved, go back into the program and follow the steps I provided above (remove all your application rules and create the one for the program you wish to allow ect.) you can also save this new configuration for future use.

Once you are done using the new configuration, go back to the General Settings>Configuration and right click on your current configuration and choose Import. Choose the configuration you backed up earlier and now all your application rules should be there again.

I am disappointed that I cannot have more than one custom ruleset that I can switch back and forth between with a click. It appears that the exporting/importing feature will do what I need to get done, however. :slight_smile: Thank you very much for your response. It’s been a big help. :-TU