How to block ActiveX and Flash?

Are there ready rules or instructions how to configure Comodo Firewall to block ActiveX and Flash on web-sites?

That’s what we asked to implement + ad/popup blocker for CIS 4.

Does it mean that there is no such functionality yet?

I don’t think the firewall’s duty is to block ads, pop ups etc. If you are a firefox user use noscript/adblock plus to block them or if you are an IE user simple adblock. The addons for firefox are really very good, while I don’t have much idea about simple adblock as I don’t use it.

If you do not want any of the flash to be displayed at all or want it for just one of two sites, you can temporarily disable the activex / add on in the browser and enable it when required.

As said in the previous post, Firefox does not implement ActiveX if you do not install the appropriate plugin: ActiveX is an Internet Explorer proprietary format.

ActiveX is a real security threat; the first question to ask is why should someone wish to install such a plugin in the same time FF was preferred to IE most often on a security behalf, and why one would want to connect to some website spreading ActiveX in such conditions.

This being said, of course FF blocks whatever you want with the help of Noscript; but the less plugin is the best, and i do not agree that it would not be the job of firewall/defense+ to intercept this kind of threat.

ActiveX and Flash are not threats themselves… but are often exploited\used for a threat gate on the pc…
Does CIS have the ability to block this? No. CIS\Defense+ does have the ability to let you know about BufferOverflows and the malware that comes through…

Yes it does, sorry.
PS I knew a man who thought firewalls don’t need an application control, only a packet filter. I think it’s a matter of classification terms.